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Black Mould Removal 

Remove black mould permanently from house walls including bedroom walls and ceilings in older houses. We find the causes of black mould and provide complete damp proofing service


Mould on Walls

Mould on the walls of your property can be an extremely frustrating and potentially dangerous hazard, it requires action as soon as you notice it. Not only does it smell stale and look displeasing, but more importantly it can also cause health problems and damage to your home. Extensive mould can become dangerous because some species of mould produce mycotoxin, a substance that leads to headaches, problems with breathing, and even damage to the neurological system. Other symptoms may even include sneezing or a runny nose. When visibly not noticeable, there are other more subtle signs that show your home has mould. For one, an unpleasant smell coming from your heating system or air conditioner can mean mould. 

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How to get rid of mould on walls permanently

If you have noticed black mould on the ceiling, it’s probably due to dampness caused by roof damage and leak, flooding, high humidity levels, bad ventilation or condensation. Identifying the causes of black mould in your home will result in an effective permanent plan to get rid of the problem. 

Mould removal professionals like HFAC Ltd will help to get rid of mould in your home safely and effectively. 

Henly Roofing and Chimneys Ltd are an approved and qualified Damp Proof contractor for the application of Damp Proofing, Timber Treatments, Condensation Control, and Cellar/Basement Conversions. Trained by PAM TIES LTD and expert Paul Hughes (CSSW) – Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing. 


PAM Ties is rapidly becoming the market leader in the manufacture and distribution of dampproofing, waterproofing and structural remedial products. 


Anti-mould paint mould resistant paint

Options to get rid of black mould can include the use of anti-mould paint or mould resistant paint. However, when it comes to anti-mould paint, it is not uncommon to have few doubts around the idea, of whether or not it is safe to use. Anti mould paints can include biocides and it's often best left to the professionals to apply.


When it comes to black mould it can be a very unpleasant issue no home-owner wants to have, as black mould is a fungus also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum and has long been a serious problem of many homeowners, appearing not just in bathrooms, but in bedrooms, behind furniture, around windows and even on floors and clothes.

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What our clients say

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Condensation in the Home 

Houses that suffer with black mould may also have condensation issues. We can solve all condensation issues permanently by the installation of specialist ventilation equipment in your home or commercial building.

Talk to us and let us provide the solution to your damp and condensation problems.


Our damp proofing work 

Henley Flat Roofing And Chimneys Ltd is a damp proofer that takes extreme pride in doing a top-quality job

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