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Crack Stitching Brick Repairs

HFAC crack stitching service provides a permanent soloution that stabilises and fixes cracked masonry 



Crack Stitching

Looking to fix cracks in your walls you are certainly in the best place. We will help remove the cracks in your brickwork using years of experience and expertise. Check out our Google reviews from satisfied clients

How Brick Stitching Works

Stitching cracked brick walls requires using steel bars grouted into the bed joint, overlapping the crack in the wall. It's much the same way as using thread to stitch two pieces of cloth together.  Our proven solution is effective, resilient, and very cost-effective. 


Crack stitching is reliable and can be completed quicker than rebuilding the existing brick or stonework. If you have a cracked wall and are thinking about crack stitching as a repair method, it would be a good value for money solution

Some of the steps we take to fix cracked walls

  • Rake out or cut slots into horizontal mortar joint to specified depth and at required vertical spacing.

  • Clean out the slots and thoroughly flush with water.

  • Expertly cut the helical bar to length 

  • Push the helical bar into the freshly mixed grout

  •  Re-Point or fill the slot for a professional finish 

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Our Brick Stitching Repairs

Henley Flat Roofing And Chimney Ltd are experienced professionals with a proven track record, we take pride in offering a high-quality service that is cost effective

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