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Damp Proof Membrane

We are your ideal specialists for solving damp membrane and DPC problems within your home. Book a survey. Talk to one of our damp proofing specialists for an in-depth survey of your property.


Damp Proof Course

Having damp in your home is never a positive experience, damp can damage your internal decoration, such like curling wallpaper, flaking paint and rotting skirting boards. However, the biggest influence of having damp in the house, is that it completely changes the atmosphere and aesthetic to your home. Damp patches on walls can be caused by several issues, such like, condensation, rain water penetration, faulty pipes, leaking gutters, defective roofing and defective sealing of windows and doors. Alongside this, your home might suffer from rising damp due to a bridged Damp Proof Course. To prevent these rising damp properties, have a slate or bitumen membrane barrier installed approximately in the ground floor section of the wall. This is called a Damp Proof Course (DPC). A new installation in your garden, like a flowerbed or new driveway can raise the ground level and bridge the DPC. Essentially, this means that rising damp barrier has been jumped over the groundwater and now has direct access through to the porous building materials straight into your home again. 


Are you looking for damp proofing that comes with an expert guarantee? At HFAC, we provide first-rate complete damp proofing for residential and commercial customers in Henley-on-Thames and surrounding areas.

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Damp proof course for internal walls 

There are several more problems related to having damp internal walls. For starters, damp makes your home feel less pleasing and comfortable to be in. It damages your interior decorations and furnishings, and the musty damp smell is unpleasant. Moreover, having damp walls also mean that your home is less energy efficient and will cost you more to manage. There are also many health risks associated with living in a damp infected home, particularly for the elderly or those affected by asthma and other respiratory conditions. However, if you have identified the source of the problem, you should resolve it before tackling the effects of damp inside your home. Applying a damp proof membrane to walls can be an excellent solution to your damp problems inside the home. As well as, damp proof paint is a strong resistant paint, which can be ideal when property owners live in homes where there tends to be a lot of moisture. This type of paint is also very easy to maintain, rather than normal paint as it can be washed and wiped. But make sure you identify the source of your damp issue, to apply the most successful cure and to prevent it from coming back.


Henly Roofing and Chimneys Ltd are an approved and qualified Damp Proof contractor for the application of Damp Proofing, Timber Treatments, Condensation Control, and Cellar/Basement Conversions. Trained by PAM TIES LTD and expert Paul Hughes (CSSW) – Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing. 


PAM Ties is rapidly becoming the market leader in the manufacture and distribution of dampproofing, waterproofing and structural remedial products. 


Damp proof course for concrete floors 

A Damp Proof Course (DPC) is a horizontal barrier that is inserted into the wall to stop any moisture from rising up through the structure by something known as capillary action.

Whereas a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is a plastic sheet membrane that sits between a concrete slab or screed to prevent moisture and contaminants entering a property from the ground.

Insulation should be laid above the DPM. This is to protect the concrete above and also the insulation from potential moisture damage. If the insulation were to be placed under the DPM, the moisture would degrade the insulation over time.


What our clients say

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Condensation in the Home 

Houses that suffer from damp-proof course problems inevitably lead to a number of other problems including mould and dry rot.  Damp homes are unhealthy homes for those that live in them.

We can solve all condensation issues permanently by the installation of specialist ventilation equipment in your home or commercial building.

Talk to us and let us provide the solution to your damp and condensation problems.


Our damp proofing work 

Henley Flat Roofing And Chimneys Ltd is a damp proofer that takes extreme pride in doing a top-quality job

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